Lukas Kusta

Lukas Kusta

Junior Software Engineer

Lukas is a graduate of Sorcery Academy for Testers and he also has an educational background in Aviation Engineering. As a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge, he strives to add value to the team and continue learning as he works to deliver high-quality products to clients. Lukas is motivated and persistent and is never afraid to tackle even the toughest ‘fix-it’ challenges.

Engineering and fixing things is a personal hobby for Lukas as well as a professional focus. He is always ready to chat about engineering and new technologies, and he will never shy away from tackling a mechanical challenge. To relax, Lukas likes to spend quiet time by the lake. Lukas is a social person and he and his friends keep in touch with Snapchat.

You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.

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