Maciej Miszczak

Maciej Miszczak

Software Architect

Maciej earned his Master’s Degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Before joining Devbridge, he held positions at Million Pugs, DB Schenker, e-point, and WiSeNe. As a Software Architect at Devbridge, Maciej is focused on helping businesses solve problems through effective technology. Maciej’s work includes everything from designing software architecture and supporting its implementation to supporting sales workshops to assess client requirements. Throughout all of his projects, Maciej is also focused on collaboration and the social aspect of IT. The overall wellbeing and success of his team is always important to him.

Maciej serves as a rescuer providing first aid services in his community. In his free time, he enjoys being outside, whether walking, running, cycling, or gardening. One of Maciej’s proudest achievements is taming a large, out-of-control area of vegetation and creating a nice garden. He also enjoys watching movies; “A Few Good Men” is his favorite.

Programming is a social activity.

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