Maciej Safarzyński

Maciej Safarzyński

Software Engineer

Maciej attended the Warsaw University of Technology where he studied Computer Science. Before joining Devbridge he worked as an IT Consultant, a role that required him to take on the responsibilities of being a full-stack developer, a customer facing consultant, and a tech lead. During his time as an IT Consultant he worked on applications for insurance engines, CRM systems, and municipal organizations. At Devbridge, Maciej is a Software Engineer who uses his analytical and critical mind to help create quality products and find elegant solutions to complex problems. He has a natural ease for understanding technical issues, but is also a valuable team member because of his communication skills, friendliness, and open mind.

Maciej has many hobbies, but his favorite pastime by a long shot is surfing in the ocean. He also loves to spend time browsing to learn and to keep his curiosity piqued. Maciej’s favorite topics to explore, whether through reading or through conversation, are sci-fi, quantum physics, and the universe overall.

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