Magdalena Wojnarowska- Pietrzak

Magdalena Wojnarowska- Pietrzak

Cloud Solution Architect

Magdalena earned a Master’s Degree in both Informatics and in Finance. She has over a decade of professional experience in IT across several sectors, including financial/banking, biotechnology, energy, and government. She’s worked in stringently regulated environments, globally dispersed teams, and in corporate offices. Though Magdalena has held a variety of positions across these organizations, she has worked as an IT Architect since 2015 and undertaken projects ranging from architectural reviews to enterprise architecture to cloud governance. Her proudest achievement was successfully implementing cloud transformation. Now, at Devbridge, she is a Cloud Solution Architect focused on helping clients with cloud challenges and working to improve and simplify their solutions. Magdalena is self-motivated but strongly values collaboration and working as part of a team that communicates well.

In her free time, Magdalena enjoys reading, skiing, and practicing yoga. She also likes to relax by watching reruns of her favorite sitcoms - Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

In previous economic eras, business created value by moving atoms. Now they create value by moving bits.

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