Mantas Dubickas

Mantas Dubickas

Senior Software Engineer

Mantas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology. He has already put his degree to use at ATEA and Better Day Health, and in joining Devbridge Mantas is looking forward to learning about new technologies and facing new challenges. He loves his work, so much so that he says it just feels like fun and not like work at all.

Even when he’s not at work, Mantas keeps up with the latest tech news through Business Insider. He also enjoys poking around Reddit to see what’s going on throughout the world.

Mantas enjoys exploring the outdoors, even when it’s just in his own backyard. He discovered the fun of geocaching a few years ago, and has used it to find new sights and surprises in Kaunas where he lives. Mantas also enjoys canoeing, hiking, cycling, and playing table tennis, basketball, and foosball.

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