Mantas Kunsmanas

Mantas Kunsmanas

Senior Front End Engineer

Unlike the most of us, Mantas was not introduced to the magical world of computers through games. He started straightly with Photoshop 3 and painting cars. Logical, considering that his initial dream was to become designer of sports cars. However, he is not even remotely sorry that the life eventually landed him at Devbridge as HTML/CSS developer.

While not soaring through hordes of divs and spans, Mantas enjoys nature, skiing, mountain bikes and pizza. He also lacks of one common nerdy weakness as there is nothing in the Internet he could not live without. We are sure on who will lead a survival camp at Devbridge if suddenly apocalypse snatches the joys of web from our team.

If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself

Albert Einstein

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