Mantas Naujokaitis

Mantas Naujokaitis

Software Architect

Mantas earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, and went on to work for 8 years as a developer with Barclay’s Bank. Now at Devbridge, he is a Software Architect. Though Mantas specializes in coding and software engineering, he also has much experience in tackling major software bugs.

Mantas enjoys when he has the opportunity to resolve problems with computational challenge, like speeding up an application using threads or coming up with an algorithm to compute something. In doing this, and in his work overall, Mantas counts four traits that will help him to succeed: stamina for hard work, skill at prioritizing, self discipline and resourcefulness.

In his free time, Mantas enjoys camping and is always willing to talk about hiking or traveling in general. On Tuesdays, you can always find him getting his exercise by playing football.

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