Marcin Szykulski

Marcin Szykulski

Senior Test Engineer

Marcin earned his Master of Science in Electronics and Telecommunications from Gdansk University. After graduating he continued to work at the school as a researcher. That experience helped him gain insight into what lies behind software features used on a daily basis, like voice/speaker/music recognition algorithms. He went on to work at Droptica, then Carrier, and is now a Test Engineer at Devbridge. At Devbridge, Marcin is focused on ensuring that defects are removed while also trying to understand a client’s true needs as he develops his suggestions. He is always questioning things which is a valuable trait when doing QA work. Marcin is never satisfied with just doing the job, he wants to understand the bigger picture and truly make a difference both for his colleagues and the company’s clients through his work.

In his free time, Marcin enjoys exploring new hobbies. He has tried home renovation projects, furniture rehabbing, sewing, and even 3D printing and scale modeling. Marcin also loves to cook and enjoys creating flavorful meals that meet any number of dietary specifications.

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