Marija Vasciunaite

Marija Vasciunaite

Accounting & Finance Specialist

Marija is an Accounting and Finance Specialist at Devbridge Group, where she is responsible for accounts payable and general accounting tasks. She has 3 years of prior experience in accounts payable, where she proved her talents for time management, attention to detail, and ability to explain accounts to people who don’t specialize in the field. Earning the degree in International marketing and management is one of her proudest achievements.

Outside of finance, Marija’s passions include her dog, Barney, a topic she could talk about forever. She even has enough material to make a movie about him, though the movie wouldn’t include any scenes of the two cycling together. Though Marija loves the sport, Barney’s legs are just too short to make joining Marija any fun for him!

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

- Nelson Mandela