Marijus Bujokas

Marijus Bujokas

Front End Engineer

Marijus studied computer software engineering at Baltic Institute of Technology. Before joining Devbridge he worked in the IT SaaS sphere as an Executive Project Manager. During that time his clients included Quadrum, Technopolis, Green Hall, and others. He is pleased to be at Devbridge and to be focusing on making meaningful things while continuously working to grow and improve his own skills. Marijus isn’t afraid to move out of his comfort zone and try new things, an attitude that is compatible with Devbridge’s values. Extroverted and open-minded, Marius enjoys working on a team and learning from those he’s working with.

In his free time Marijus enjoys taking on DIY projects. He often finds inspiration from those he follows on social media and is always ready to take on a new challenge. His other hobbies include cars, motorcycles, mountain biking, and pretty much anything to do with mechanics or sports in general.

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