Marius Guobys

Marius Guobys

DevOps Practice Lead

Marius earned his Master’ Degree in Electronics Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology. Before joining Devbridge he held several positions with other companies, including Kolmisoft, Trasnunion UK, R1 RCM, and Centric IT Solutions. Marius is a DevOps Practice Lead, focused on growing the DevOps community and practices across the organization. He enjoys working in the fast and challenging environment at Devbridge and tackles all tough situations with patience and calmness.

Marius is a proud father who enjoys spending time with his wife and young child. He enjoys staying active by cross country skiing and participating in the biathlon, but also enjoys relaxing in front of movies - especially his favorites, the Jason Bourne series. Marius is also greatly interested in cars and enjoys watching motor competitions as well as talking about anything related to cars.

Once something is a passion, the motivation is there.

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