Marius Lastauskas

Marius Lastauskas

Front End Engineer

Marius is currently working on earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Kaunas University of Technology. Though he is still a student, he is already experienced in the professional sector, having worked for Teltonika as a front-end developer before joining Devbridge Group. Marius is looking forward to learning and continuing to perfect his skills as he works with the team at Devbridge Group. A curious, driven person, Marius is always striving for personal improvement and believes that learning is a never-ending process.

Marius’s natural curiosity has resulted in him having numerous hobbies, spending a little bit of time on many things. Drawing, reading, photoshop, basketball, bike riding, and playing the guitar are just some of his favorite pastimes. No matter what he’s doing, though, chances are good he has Spotify on in the background to spice his life up with good music.

"The medium is the message." Matshall McLuhan

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