Marius Mačkinis

Marius Mačkinis

Senior DevOps Engineer

Marius earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Vilnius University. He also earned his Master’s Degree in Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Vision, and Computer-aided Geometry. Marius has much experience in the IT field, with a career that started on the service desk and has included doing engineering work, managing and architecting solutions, working in hybrid cloud environments, migrating systems, creating CI/CD pipelines, and creating infrastructures from scratch. As a Senior DevOps Engineer at Devbridge he uses this experience to help him succeed in delivering quality products. However, Marius is also always willing to learn new things and enjoys collaborating with his colleagues about their approaches as everyone works to try to determine effective solutions.

Marius’ hobbies include anything related to cars as well as electronic DIY projects. He is also a devoted family man and says that having a happy family is his proudest achievement in life.

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