Mark Adams

Mark Adams

Managing Director

Mark Adams began his career as a developer, working with a series of startups during the dotcom boom. He also worked for Motorola and earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. Eventually, his career shifted to the world of project management and he worked managing software businesses at Morningstar, where he was once named employee of the year.

As Devbridge Group’s managing director in Chicago, Mark focuses on financial services clients, growing his team, and finding new business. Though he says the job has its challenges, he says that what keeps it interesting.

Outside of work, Mark spends time playing with his kids, enjoying their creativity and the joy of just having fun. He is also a gamer, playing board games with his kids and enjoying video games himself when he has the time. If he’s not playing video games, he’s probably playing pinball on one of the three machines in his basement.

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