Mark Ludemann

Mark Ludemann

Principal Product Designer

Mark always wanted to be an architect, but his early experiences in to the working world were actually de-tasseling corn in the summers of his youth and trying his hand as a musician. Having not fulfilled his destiny as the next great American rock star, Mark grew a beard, got some thick-rimmed glasses and graduated from MS Paint to Photoshop, thus becoming Interactive Art Director for Devbridge.

Don’t peg him as the messy creative type, however. Mark is actually a bit of a neat freak, so you won’t find misplaced items at his desk. He finds inspiration in books, movies and music, citing Sirens of Titan, The Big Lebowski and “anything but the Eagles, man” as his favorites. All of this pales in comparison, of course, to his proudest achievement in life to date: the birth of his daughter.

Oh yeaaah!”

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