Martynas Galkus

Martynas Galkus

Front End Engineer

Martynas has varied professional experience, ranging from Front End Development to owning a bookshop to lecturing in English and French at Vilnius University Business School. As a Front End Engineer at Devbridge he works in Vue to build fast applications that improve people’s lives. Eventually, he hopes to expand his knowledge and skills to work in other frameworks. He is glad to be at Devbridge where there is a companywide appreciation for seeking mastery and he will be able to keep learning as part of his job. Even when a topic or skill is difficult for Martynas, he is always willing to persevere and overcome the challenge.

When not working at Devbridge, Martynas spends time selecting books to list in his now-online bookstore. He also does take time for himself, though, often running, having a drink with friends, hiking in the forest, or reading one of the books he’s picked out for his shop. He also likes to watch videos on YouTube, especially the educational ones and those about web development.

Man cannot stand a meaningless life.

C. G. Jung

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