Mary Sadanowicz

Mary Sadanowicz

Senior Product Designer

Mary is a lifelong learner in human interaction. She earned an M.A. in Communications as well as two B.A.’s, in Psychology and Communications, and a certificate in User Experience design. She started her career in marketing, and eventually moved into customer success and UX design and research for SaaS products. At Devbridge Mary is a product designer helping teams solve problems and simplify complex systems, making it easier and more efficient for people to do their work. No matter what she is working on, Mary’s strong organizational skills are a key part of her success - she enjoys making sense of and cleaning up messes. Not surprisingly, one of her favorite apps is todoist, which helps her stay organized and follow the Getting Stuff Done methodology.

Mary has a lot of energy, and in her free time finds ways to expend it with hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing, cycling, and yoga. She also enjoys traveling because it’s an incredible way to experience new perspectives and cultures.

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