Matas Bartaška

Matas Bartaška

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Matas is a second year student at Kaunaus University of Technology who is studying software systems. He describes himself as interested in everything, and has taken the maximum number of possible exams. During his time as a student Matas has worked on several games and learned the Android framework on his own time. In his career, Matas hopes to create something new and innovative that will change people’s lives.

In his free time, Matas plays volleyball and fences. He also likes just relaxing with friends and traveling. When he travels, he prefers to visit mountainous locations and hike or ski, but he will visit pretty much any popular tourist destination. When he does sit and relax, he enjoys watching movies - Gladiator is his favorite film - or chatting about technology and scientific breakthroughs.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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