Mateusz Mężyk

Mateusz Mężyk

Senior Software Engineer

Mateusz holds a Master’s Degree in both IT and Economics. For much of his career he has worked with cloud-based solutions written in Java and one of the JavaScript Frameworks. During one of his projects, he served in the Senior Architect role. Mateusz is especially interested in programming, design, and architectural patterns. As a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge, Mateusz focuses on programming, POC’s, evaluating interesting IT concepts and technologies, and overall finding the best solutions for clients. He is pleased to be working in an environment where he’s surrounded by smart people and able to grow and learn each day.

In his free time Mateusz likes to stay active. He swims and loves to go on hikes where he is surrounded by impressive natural scenes. When he branches out from his technology interests, Mateusz spends time learning about and discussing the history of Spain and Latin America. He’s also always up for a conversation about the financial markets. Whatever he’s doing, though, he focuses on living the life he wants and realizing his dreams.

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