Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston

Product Designer

Before joining Devbridge, Michael worked as a Project Coordinator for Cynthia Ferguson Designs. He is now using his design skills in the tech sector to find creative ways to surprise and delight users within a structured framework. He enjoys tackling the challenge of designing digital projects that impact the lives of users around the world. In doing so, Michael has the opportunity to use his people skills and vast creativity as well as his technical knowledge.

In addition to his work at Devbridge, Michael is also a freelance classical musician. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Music in Performance and a master’s degree of Music in Performance Research. Music is one of his biggest passions, and he is always open to having a long discussion on the topic. Michael’s other interests and hobbies include traveling, running, and going to the gym, cooking, reading, and watching TV - especially reruns of The Office, The West Wing, and Schitt’s Creek.

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