Michail Stachovski

Michail Stachovski

Principal Test Engineer

Michail is a Test Engineer specialized in performing quality control (QA) on software. His responsibilities include analyzing all aspects of an application such as performance and stability and making sure it is fit and ready for use by clients. Before joining Devbridge Group Michail worked as a full-time Malware Research Specialist.

Overcoming challenges keeps Michail motivated and interested in his work, but he’s also motivated by his curiosity, and the more he learns the more he wants to know. Because he started working with computers at a young age, Michail has amassed a lot of knowledge about technology but he is always hungry for more and is always striving to be the best at he does. Even in his free time he can be found reading about new technologies that are developing on the market.

Apart from continuously learning, Michail also plays games and watches movies and anime to relax.

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