Michał Jurkiewicz

Michał Jurkiewicz

Principal Software Engineer and Team Lead

Michał earned a degree in Engineering from the University of Zielona Góra. Before joining Devbridge he worked as a Full-Stack Engineer and focused on back-end systems. In that role he designed and implemented back-end systems for a large-scale broadband operator as well as Tier 1 model TV operators. As a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on increasing software performance and scalability. For Michał, unusual technical issues are not a bad thing, but an interesting problem to solve. Michał appreciates that Devbridge’s culture encourages him to seek mastery and to be an owner of his work, two things he has always strived to do.

Michał is a proud family man. In his free time he loves to be outside, whether he’s mountain running, taking a more leisurely jog, skiing, or fishing.

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