Michał Perlak

Michał Perlak

Software Engineer

Michal earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow. His professional experience includes time as a Software Engineer developing software in Java, time as a Full Stack Developer working on web apps for company screening, and time as a Full Stack Developer for HSBC. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on creating software that user love. He embraces the opportunity to tackle the many challenges that come with doing so, including finding solutions for performance, scalability, and usability. Through this work, Michal strives to grow as an engineer and improve his knowledge and skills overall.

When he’s browsing the internet, Michal often turns to Twitter to learn something new from the many prominent people who use the platform. Michal also enjoys playing chess and table tennis, watching football and volleyball, and rewatching episodes of House, MD.

Talk is cheap, show me the code.

Linus Torvalds

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