Michał Pierściński

Michał Pierściński

Senior Software Engineer

Michal began seriously studying IT and programming when he was in high school. He then attended Silesian University of Technology where he earned both his Bachelor’s of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication and his Master of Science Degree in Informatics. Before joining Devbridge he worked for EPAM, where he participated in numerous projects for some of the largest corporations in the United States and the United Kingdom. As a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on using direct communication and a deep understanding of clients’ goals to help them achieve their business goals through quality software.

Michal likes to stay active in his free time. His favorite sport is basketball, but he also enjoys running, cycling, and exercising at the gym. Physical exertion is a way for Michal to refresh his mind and helps him keep working at a high level over the long term.

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