Mikayla Zeppenfeld

Mikayla Zeppenfeld

Product Designer

Mikayla earned her B.S. in Information Technology from Florida State University. Before joining Devbridge she spent several years working for a small marketing software company, designing and developing a web app that helps small business owners get found online. At Devbridge, she is focused on creating clean and responsive designs that work well for customers and, in doing so, help Devbridge to grow. An organized person with integrity, she works hard and always follows through on her promises.

Mikayla loves to cook, entertain, and be social. However, she’s a homebody and heart and so also loves being able to order her meals from apps like DoorDash and get other essentials delivered right to her door by Amazon. Even though she’s not athletic, Mikayla enjoys watching sports. She's an active member of her alma mater’s alumni association board, a role in which she helps raise funds for scholarships for recent Chicago graduates.

“You don't get what you wish for; you get what you work for.”

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