Milda Kazilionytė

Milda Kazilionytė

Junior Test Engineer

Milda holds a degree in Transport Logistics and has over five years of experience in the field of logistics. This experience helped her develop skills in teamwork, communication, and problem solving, all of which help her succeed in her new career as a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge. Milda is also a logical thinker with a natural curiosity that helps her want to suss out issues and find practical, efficient solutions. Her positive attitude keeps her going even when facing tough challenges. Many of Milda’s values and goals align well with Devbridge’s mission, particularly the ideas of valuing teamwork, delivering quality products, and taking ownership of one’s work.

Milda likes to stay active by riding her bike, especially on warm summer evenings, and she relaxes by laying on the sofa with a good book. She also loves spending time with her family, and finds her motivation in knowing they are there for her.

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