Milda Gurgždė

Milda Gurgždė

Operations Manager

Milda had many different interests before she began her career in computing. Her first job was as a translator. But she befriended computers as a young person in school, where she learned about basic programs like Word and Excel, then got to learn about all the possibilities of the internet when she was in university, and so she ultimately landed on a career path that led her to Devbridge.

When it comes to websites and software, Milda depends heavily on Google, which give her access to all the information and entertainment that she needs. She could live without most social media websites, though, as she still writes letters and cards to stay in touch with her friends. Outside of the computing world, Milda finds her inspiration in creative challenges and spending time with nice people in a positive atmosphere, enjoying good food and drinks. If she could have any superpower, it would be the ability to speak every language in the world.

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