Mindaugas Zaluba

Mindaugas Zaluba

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Mindaugas grew as an engineer alongside Devbridge – from a newbie to skilled engineer to project lead. Being a team lead, project lead, and an engineer allows him to work towards one of his professional goals - becoming fluent in managing a variety of projects while building teams from the ground up. For Mindaugas, team-building and the success of a team are crucial to his professional advance. He believes that when working in a team, all members should be able to rely on each other unconditionally.

Mindaugas doesn’t like to pin down just one proud or great achievement in his life. Instead, he likes to look at the big picture, saying that every challenge in his life is a simple step he overcomes one by one. And, if you ever want to start a conversation with him, just bring up the topic of science fiction.

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