Modestas Bieliauskas

Modestas Bieliauskas

Software Engineer

Modestas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Vilnius University and has worked as a Java Developer at Insoft and a Full-stack Javascript Developer at IBM. In those roles, he worked on a number of different backend, frontend and full-stack projects, as well as different responsibilities that included serving as a second line IT support specialist. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge he helps his team tackle all the challenges that come up, and is ready to work on any project - whether frontend or backend. Doing a variety of work helps him keep growing as a developer and architect. Modestas finds motivation from his team and values that he can learn from others while helping cover weak spots with his own strengths.

In his free time Modestas likes to relax by watching Netflix. He’s also a hiker and especially enjoys exploring the outdoors of Lithuania. Modestas other interests include politics and IT trends.

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