Modestas Daunys

Modestas Daunys

Test Engineer

Modestas began his career as a police officer, but after three years decided that software and technology was the sector in which he truly wanted to work. Making that change is his proudest achievement, as it showed that obstacles can be overcome and goals can be reached. Thanks to his openness to change, Modestas was successful in transitioning to a new career.

Previously Modestas worked as a quality assurance specialist focusing on web and mobile app testing. Currently determined to overcome the challenge of switching to the test automation process.

As a music fan, Modestas both enjoys listening to and making music. He uses “Fruity Loops” digital audio workstation to produce music. He is also interested in the visual arts and uses Adobe Photoshop to work with graphics.

The problem with quotes on the Internet is that no one can confirm their authenticity.

- Abraham Lincoln, 1864