Modestas Rimkus

Modestas Rimkus

Test Engineer

Modestas counts many passions, but his love for computing was born when he purchased a state-of-the-art 33 Kbps modem and spent many nights chatting on IRC. He didn’t let it end when his parents got the phone bill, either, even though he’d rather forget that moment. He stuck with it while researching the fields of informatics, IT terminology and software localization throughout school, and now he brings that passion to Devbridge as Quality Assurance Analyst in our Vilnius Office.

Modestas’ also loves music, considering his collection of CDs and memories from live shows are some of his favorite things. If he weren’t doing what he does for Devbridge, he might even be a rock star, in fact. He takes pride in the quality of what he produces, including his translations of LibreOffice, and he also loves the quality of a well-done, homemade beefsteak.

“While some say ‘love is all you need’ and some try to buy the world, all are waiting for the act of kindness, so start out by doing good”

“The Navigator” by The Flower Kings

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