Monika Maliaukaitė

Monika Maliaukaitė

Junior Test Engineer

Monika has an educational background in Software Systems and served as the Peer Mentors Coordinator while a student at the Kaunas University of Technology. She has also served as a Peer Mentor and Volunteer at Robotics Academy. Monika will also bring her experience as a Traffic Analytics Intern at LTG Infra to her work as a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge. Along with her experience and education, Monika’s natural trait of creativity, her strong analytical thinking, her problem solving skills, and her appreciation for teamwork all contribute to her success at Devbridge. She always has a goal in mind that she is ready to work hard to achieve.

Monika is fascinated by scientific developments and will always dive right into a conversation on the topic. When she’s ready to delve deeper into a topic or just find out something new, she turns where many people do - to Google. Her other hobbies and interests include drawing, reading, cars, motorcycles, and playing volleyball, table tennis, and badminton.

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