Monika Matulienė

Monika Matulienė

Talent Acquisition Partner

Monika earned her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Communication from the ISM University of Management and Economics. Before joining Devbridge Monika worked at Alliance for Recruitment where she was responsible for recruiting talent for a diverse mix of companies and positions. Her knowledge and her experience in active recruitment are of great value to Devbridge as she helps the company attract talented new team members. Monika enjoys knowing that her work helps create value and makes a difference for the organization, for the recruitment candidates, for others at Devbridge, and for herself.

One of Monika’s biggest passions is food. She loves to cook and to experiment with new cuisines, seeing what she can create with different flavor combinations. Monika also enjoys playing tennis, doing yoga, and simply spending time in nature. She also relaxes by reading or watching Netflix.

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