Nicole Monroe

Nicole Monroe

Associate Product Manager

Before joining Devbridge, Nikki began her career with Branchfire, a small startup that specializes in productivity software. While there, she worked her way up to become a Product Manager and oversaw the company’s enterprise offering. She even worked with the number one hedge fund in the world to create a major custom workflow from scratch. At Devbridge, she will be using that experience along with her adaptability, emotional intelligence, and self-motivation to help create products that benefit Devbridge clients. In her professional life, as in her personal life, Nikki is driven by the desire to do good and to leave things better than how she found them.

Whether she is working, playing, or relaxing, Nikki is probably listening to music. She listens to a huge variety of genres; her Spotify playlists include everyone from Conway Twitty to Frank Sinatra to Slayer. Nikki’s other hobbies include painting, cooking, yoga, and running. She is run a half marathon and even beat her goal time by three minutes. During football season, you can always find her watching the games and cheering on the Dallas Cowboys.

"Seek patience and passion in equal amounts. Patience alone will not build the temple. Passion alone will destroy its walls."

Maya Angelou

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