Nojus Stasiūnas

Nojus Stasiūnas

Junior DevOps Engineer

Nojus is studying Software Systems at Kaunas University of Technology. During his DevOps internship at Devbridge, Nojus wants to grasp as much information and improve as many skills as possible to help him fulfill his dream of becoming a successful DevOps Engineer. He is pleased to be able to have this experience at Devbridge, where the company’s values and mission align well with his own motivators and values. He is keen on coding clean and creating software that is needed. A determined person, Nojus is not afraid of failure and is always willing to tackle a challenge, and then learn from any mistakes or poor outcomes.

Nojus’ primary hobby is cars. He is especially a fan of Japanese car culture. Nojus indulges his hobby by watching drifting competitions and working on his own car. He also relaxes by watching episodes of Suits or gaming.

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