Ognjan Vidackovic

Ognjan Vidackovic

Senior Brand Designer

Ogi earned his degree in Graphic Design/Marketing from DePaul University. For the last decade he has been employed as a creative in the consumer packaged goods industry, where he has worked with prominent brands like L’Oréal, Corona, Barilla, Coke, Cracker Barrel, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Ogi is so dedicated to his design career that sometimes at night when he closes his eyes he sees the Photoshop interface. He brings this dedication and experience, as well as strong organizational and communication skills to his work at Devbridge.

An avid sports fan, Ogi takes part in a variety of athletic activities including soccer, scuba diving, and ping-pong. When he relaxes, he watches Frasier reruns while enjoying a cocktail.

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