Olga Rodyanskaya

Olga Rodyanskaya

Test Engineer

Olga earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics from Kaunas University of Technology. Before joining Devbridge she worked for SEB and TGSL as a Test Analyst. She has also worked in the banking industry and in the field of IT recruitment. As a Test Engineer at Devbridge she uses her analytical and structured mind to help improve products through test automation. Olga has a creative spirit and is always eager to acquire knowledge and expand her skillset. Someday, she hopes to be able to use her combination of skills and her outgoing personality to teach others.

A mother of three, Olga is a proud mother who admits parenting is the toughest job she’s ever had - but she still loves it and has a lot of fun with her children. In her free time, Olga enjoys solving puzzles and quizzes, drawing cars, and baking. She especially enjoys making French patisserie during the winter.

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