Patryk Wąsowski

Patryk Wąsowski

Software Engineer

Patryk earned both his Bachelor of Science and his Master of Science in Computer Science from the Warsaw University of Technology. He began his career at Netcompany as a Consultant and was then promoted to Senior Consultant. In those roles Patryk’s daily tasks were focused on the development and maintenance of a big product for a group of Danish insurance funds; he primarily worked with Java 8, Java EE, Oracle SQL, React, and Git. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge he enjoys having the opportunity to focus on Spring framework while continuing to hone his programming skills. A quick learner who is goal-oriented, Patryk works hard and is always trying to increase his knowledge.

Most of Patryk’s hobbies revolve around sports. He enjoys squash, football, cycling, volleyball, skiing, ice skating, sailing, and pretty much anything else that involves athletic competition. In addition to sports, Patryk also enjoys playing the guitar and playing chess.

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