Paulina Petrulytė

Paulina Petrulytė

Junior Front End Engineer

Paulina began her time at university studying social work, but after some introspection she determined that technology was her preferred path. She studied programming on her own, and then was admitted into Sourcery Academy. Successfully making this education and career change is Paulina’s proudest achievement. Before joining Devbridge, she worked as a Junior Front End Developer. In that role, she was part of a team that focused on creating a warehouse management system. As a Junior Front End Engineer at Devbridge, Paulina enjoys tackling challenges and learning from them. Each day, she strives to improve her professional knowledge while creating products that are meaningful and necessary for others. Persistent and dedicated, Paulina brings a positive attitude to all that she does.

In her free time, Paulina enjoys taking long walks, reading, and having deep conversations. One of her favorite topics to discuss during those deep conversations is psychology.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

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