Paulius Apulskis

Paulius Apulskis

Software Engineer

Paulius earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics from Klaipeda State College. At Devbridge, he will be focusing on using good, efficient development practices as he creates beautiful and useful products for clients and continues on his journey of mastering development. While he does this, Paulius also plans to have fun as he is working in a field he enjoys. Though he enjoys his work now, one day he would like to try working in video streaming and explore the analytics within that field.

In his free time, Paulius can be found browsing Reddit or participating in esports. His favorite games to play are League of Legends and CSGO, and he enjoys watching LAN events. His favorite TV show was Game of Thrones, until the last season. Because of his disappointment in the last season, Breaking Bad is now his favorite show of all-time.

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