Paulius Benėta

Paulius Benėta

Senior Software Engineer

Paulius had a fascination with computers from an early age. He developed initial programming skills at a part-time school for young programmers during his school years. Paulius later decided to move to Vilnius to study software engineering. His professional career started with an internship at Affecto, which turned into a position as a Java developer. As JavaScript-based solutions and tools gained momentum, Paulius decided to shift focus to this language and joined Devbridge. At Devbridge, he continuously searches for opportunities to learn and grow, from mentoring and lecturing at Sourcery academy to project leading (PL), participating in the PL community, and attending hiring interviews.

Paulius goes for walks and hikes to relax. He enjoys concerts and museums. Paulius is addicted to his Spotify playlists, which always put him in the perfect mood, whether at work or in leisure activities.

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.

John Dewey

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