Paulius Benėta

Paulius Benėta

Senior Software Engineer

Paulius’s first memories of computing date back to when he was only five years old and trying to play Solitaire for the first time. Though he had childhood dreams of growing up to become a policeman, his career path to the IT world was set, and he went on to ultimately obtain his bachelor’s degree in software engineering from Vilnius University. At Devbridge, he hopes to create easy-to-use, but powerful and efficient software.

Outside of work, Paulius finds his inspiration in great photography, music, art and architecture. His favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean, and he’s addicted to his Spotify playlists, which always put him in the perfect mood whether at work or play. If he was a superhero, he would choose to have the power to freeze time.

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.

John Dewey

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