Paulius Čepovič

Paulius Čepovič

Software Engineer

Paulius is a Junior Software Engineer whose education background is in Software Systems. Before joining Devbridge he worked as a Full-Stack Web Developer for Kaunas City Municipality. In this role, he provided Kaunas citizens with websites that contain much important information, as well as developed and updated private systems used by different departments within the municipality. At Devbridge, he is hoping to learn more about modern Front-End design and improve it even further. Though interested in Front-End projects, Paulius also enjoys challenging himself to solve interesting Back-End problems and takes every opportunity to improve his skills in that sphere. He’s able to quickly learn new things and enjoys doing so - and also likes to share what he’s learned with others who may benefit from it. When he wants to learn, he turns to the place so many others do - Google.

In his free time, Paulius likes gaming and keyboard building. To stay active, he mostly lifts weights at the gym.

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