Paulius Grabauskas

Paulius Grabauskas

Senior Software Engineer

Paulius' previous employers were vile slave drivers that made him show up at the office at 6:00AM. Having endured this soul shattering existence for many years, Paulius joined Devbridge and now enjoys two additional hours of beauty sleep. A man of many skills, Paulius plays billiard on table tennis tables, travels, and is a big fan of theater (the one with movies, not fake costumes and men in tights).

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Paulius Grabauskas
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Interconnecting Azure Cloud Applications

There are many ways to organize communication between applications, services and devices. In most cases it I a custom ad-hoc solution designed for specific needs of connected parts and is often implemented anew. Currently our primary application deployment platform is Azure cloud and we’ve become interested in one of the recently introduced services, Azure Service Bus, for exactly the reason of standardizing communications.

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