Paulius Plukas

Paulius Plukas

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Paulius’ career in software began while he was still studying software development, but his experience working with computers reaches further back than just university. While his father was maintaining a huge mainframe for work, young Paulius was busy playing Tetris on the Robotron computer in his father’s office. From black and green displays with no graphical settings and coding for a tourism agency while in school, Paulius was immersed in the world of computers far before he joined Devbridge.

Aside from handling .NET development responsibilities for Devbridge, Paulius is an avid photographer, reader and musician. He enjoys a dopamine and oxytocin kick for inspiration from a good science fiction tale, playing in his local underground rock band, or enjoying an episode of Futurama.

“Good news, everyone! And, bad news, nobody…”

Professor Farnsworth, Futurama

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