Paulius Stulpinas

Paulius Stulpinas

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Paulius once went on what he thought would be a three week trip to the United Kingdom. He ended up living in a cheap flat in Glasgow for six months, working the overnight shift at a chocolate factory. His other trips to Jamaica and Thailand have been fun, but not quite as dramatic - he left those countries as expected. For all his travels, though, the best moment in Paulius’ life was hearing his three-year-old son say he wouldn’t trade his dad for anything in the world.

Before joining Devbridge, Paulius worked in anti-money laundering and financial crime compliance for Credit Suisse in Switzerland. When he’s not working or traveling, Paulius is paying close attention to basketball. He’s such a big fan of the sport that he enjoys compiling boxscores by hand. He just doesn’t have to do it anymore because he can get the information from the internet now.

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