Peter Weymouth

Peter Weymouth

Senior Product Manager

As a senior product manager at Devbridge Group, Peter Weymouth works with a team of developers and engineers in overseeing the software development lifecycle for strategic client projects. Peter specializes in product management, software development lifecycle, manufacturing and business systems and he enjoys delivering digital products that bring performance improvements, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage to clients. As part of his job, Peter works directly with clients to determine what they are envisioning and bring the product to life. An open and direct person, he enjoys engaging with both his team and the client to deliver stellar products.

Peter’s family is his motivation. He raised three sons to adulthood, which he says is his proudest achievement. In addition to his family, Peter also finds motivation through travel and through the opportunity to make an impact on the world.

Inconceivable! You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

- The Princess Bride