Phylicia Sakelaris

Phylicia Sakelaris

Enterprise Account Executive

Phylicia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Selling and Sales Management from Purdue University, and is close to finishing up her MBA studies at Loyola University. Before joining Devbridge, Phylicia worked in the retail sector and for a consumer data company. At Devbridge, she is aiming to bring in many new clients as she builds great partnerships that grow into mutually beneficial long-term relationships. Phylicia’s natural tenacity will be a valuable asset for helping her achieve this goal.

It’s important to Phylicia that she uses her time wisely, taking advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life and be happy. She enjoys her work, but also makes sure she takes time to travel and try out new hobbies. An avid shopper, Phylicia loves spending time poking through vintage and resale shops, exploring the treasures they have available.

“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Lewis Carroll

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