Povilas Galčius

Povilas Galčius

Software Engineer

Povilas holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from Vilnius University, and worked for companies including Teltonika, Prototechnika, Ashburn International and Blue Bridge Code before coming onboard at Devbridge. His professional ambition is to solve problems in a way that positively impacts people’s daily lives, and he has a particular interest in game development for mobile devices. He knew that he wanted to work with computers ever since he was a kid, and some of his fondest childhood memories are of playing online games with his friends at internet cafes.

Povilas finds his motivation in creating things that really work, whether he’s brainstorming ideas for a new brand or developing a new product. He relishes the challenge of making things that will be seen, used and appreciated by people around the world. But outside of work, his passion lies in his music. His favorite book is Sergey Lukjanenko’s Rough Draft, and his favorite films are Beautiful Mind and The Matrix. If he could have any superpower, it would be either invisibility or telekinesis. As for his favorite food, it’s a toss-up between the Korean dish bulgogi and ribs.

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