Povilas Kaščionis

Povilas Kaščionis

Software Engineer

Before joining Devbridge, Povilas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Vilnius University and worked in both large and small fintech environments. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge, Povilas is eager to get out of his comfort zone when he needs to in order to persevere and overcome challenges. He is excited to be working at Devbridge, a company whose values and goals align closely with his own.

If Povilas is interested in a topic or wants to learn something new, he often turns to YouTube. Some of the topics he finds most interesting are mechanical engineering, economics, and geopolitics. He also enjoys cycling and motorcycles. When he relaxes in front of the TV, Povilas often turns to one of his two favorite shows, Hannibal or Archer. Povilas is also a stargazer who finds himself inspired by the sight of the Milky Way, especially on clear autumn night.

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