Povilas Paškevičius

Povilas Paškevičius

Junior Software Engineer

Povilas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Systems at Kaunas University of Technology and worked as a Web Developer at UAB NRD Systems before joining Devbridge. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge, Povilas focuses on using best practices to create robust, easily maintainable and extensible software solutions. Willing to persevere, Povilas is always ready to tackle a challenge.

In his free time, Povilas loves playing and watching football. He tries to watch every Real Madrid game. Though football is his favorite sport, he also enjoys basketball. In addition to sports, Povilas enjoys watching movies, especially those directed by Christopher Nolan or Denis Villeneuve. He also frequently watches YouTube, both to relax and to learn something new.

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